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The cost of an ATA carnet is dependent on four factors:

1 The goods description (forming the basis of the Security Rate)
2 Where the goods are going
3 How long the goods will be away
4 The declared value of the goods

The Security Rate for your goods is a percentage, which is used to determine the value of the security required by HM Customs to secure issue of a carnet. This security can be provided in the form of a deposit, or an Indemnity Bond. In almost all cases the Bond is the most cost-effective method, but we will advise you if we find that in your case a deposit would be more appropriate.

Each country in the ATA carnet system has a different Security Rate for each type of goods. Where a consignment is of mixed types, a majority basis is used. For example, if a truck contains 10,000 of computers, 10,000 of video equipment, 5,000 of catering equipment, and 20,000 of electrical concert and musical equipment, the goods description for the purposes of fixing the Security Rate will be "Concert & Musical Equipment - electric/electronic". A list of the basic categories can be found HERE.

In the event that there is no single clear category applicable to your goods, we will negotiate with the Chamber of Commerce on your behalf to select the most cost-effective Security Rate.

One of the biggest benefits of arranging a carnet through RPCS is that we can provide Indemnity Bond coverage for your goods for far less than you would pay for a stand-alone Bond.

The invoiced cost of a carnet breaks down into the following categories:

1 Chamber of Commerce fee for validating the carnet (fixed fee)
2 Indemnity bond (a function of the value of the goods, their Security Rate, the destination(s) and the period of the carnet)
3 RPCS fee, covering the preparation of the list, printing, Chamber of Commerce correspondence and any additional documentation (depends on length of list)
4 Delivery (charged at cost: depends on the service required)

Once we have the information specified on the Carnet Enquiry page, we can give you an immediate quotation for your carnet. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.